The mission of Christian Thinkers Society is to teach Christians to become Thinkers and Thinkers to Become Christians: (i) for Pastors and Believers – to equip, train and educate Christians to respond in an informed and defensible manner regarding the core truths that are at the heart of the Christian faith; (ii) and for the Thinker ¬– our purpose is to reach a new demographic and demonstrate why Christianity makes sense, is enriching to life, and why it is essential for the betterment of society.


What is Christian Thinkers Society and why is it needed?

It's an exciting time be a Christian, but also more difficult. Christian Thinkers Society is a dynamic ministry that challenges Christians and non-Christians alike, to think more deeply and more accurately about the big questions and ultimate truth. Many in today's Church do not know the Bible as well as they should; people outside Church and faith hardly know it all. As a consequence, the Church is ill-equipped to provide the answers that seekers and objectors need. Christian Thinkers Society provides these answers and instructs everyone in this vital task.

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A COMPELLING CAUSE AND PURPOSE - Christian Thinkers Society

Posted by Jeremiah on July 31th, 2014 3:32pm


Today's Church is malnourished. Christians are biblically illiterate and theologically shallow, which has led to the tragic consequence of mass de-conversion across all denominations. A new demographic now flourishes, the "x-Christian." The most fragile group, 18-34 year-olds are abandoning the faith at alarming levels. The ?unchurched? or now more popularly known as "the Nones" (46 million and growing) know almost nothing of the Bible's basic contents and core message of redemption. This problem is not limited to North America. In Canada, 47% of young people have never been inside a church facility. An article posted on Religion News Service (7 February 2014) reports that Bible knowledge across Britain has declined in recent years (http://www.religionnews.com/2014/02/07/survey-finds-british-children-adults-biblically-illiterate/). Other studies have yielded similar results. See a recent NPR report "Losing Our Religion" (http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/01/14/169164840/losing-our-religion-the-growth-of-the-nones).

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Jeremiah Jay Johnston, Ph.D. Christian Thinkers Society

Dr. Johnston is a New Testament scholar, apologist, and regular speaker on university campuses, churches and popular venues. His passion is equipping Christians to give intellectually informed accounts of what they believe in the public sphere and what impact those answers make on the betterment of society. Johnston has over ten years of experience as a teaching pastor in the mega-church arena, making technical information accessible at the lay level. He has spoken itinerantly in over 200 churches. This has required Johnston to acquire a specific skill set in TransMedia storytelling. Johnston is also the founder of Christian Thinkers Society and is a recognized expert on early Christian literature –‘why/how Christianity changed the world'. Christian Thinkers Society has gone viral and features interviews / symposiums / broadcasts with the world's brightest thinkers speaking to issues of faith, culture, and society.


  • "Dr. Johnston is an exciting up and coming scholar who has published several academic works and founded Christian Thinkers Society. He has a record of sharing the gospel in a winsome and intellectually serious manner..."

    Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr

    President Houston Baptist University
  • "Jeremiah Johnston has an impressive résumé in a multitude of areas: pastoral work in a mega-church, media, biblical scholarship, and apologetics. He is also a man of almost unfathomable vision."

    Daniel B. Wallace, PhD

    Dallas Theological Seminary
  • "Dr. Jeremiah Johnston has gathered the best expert witnesses from around the world, and Christian Thinkers Society continues to make a strong case for the veracity of the Christian worldview. If you’re seeking the truth, or just learning how to be a better Christian case maker, Dr. Johnston’s work at Christian Thinkers Society will be an encouragement and blessing."

    Detective J. Warner Wallace

    Author, Cold Case Christianity, A Homicide Detective Investigates the Gospels
  • "I'm thrilled to be working with Christian Thinkers Society! Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston is a gracious and thoughtful scholar, leader, and entrepreneur."

    Mary Jo Sharp

    Director, Confident Christianity
  • “Today more than ever, the Christian church needs people who able to communicate truth in a sceptical world. Combining scholarly integrity with creative excellence, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston is giving bright minds a platform to broadcast from. I commend the Christian Thinkers Society for providing a compelling voice in a world which desperately needs to hear good news.”

    Justin Brierley

    'Unbelievable?' Faith Debate Radio Show
  • "He is a gifted teacher, a committed Christian, and an effective evangelist and apologist who shares my vision. Jeremiah has already distinguished himself with publications in scholarly, refereed journals and serials."

    Craig A. Evans, Ph.D., D.Habil.

    Acadia Divinity College, Acadia University